As a non Mexican owner of a Company I relied on my accountant to provide the right service and advice.

Initially I appointed a Cancun based accountant with flash offices and high monthly costs. They failed to submit my yearly returns correctly and to register my investment as a foreigner.

I now use Rodolfo who efficiently resolved my previous issues and does my monthly and yearly returns for a third of the price I was paying. I wish I had met him and his team first.


Zinzinaty Corporation SA

Whilst I am Mexican and have being living in Tulum around 12 years. Tulum and it is a paradise, it is also a place in constant change and growing curves. For those reasons initially I had some bad experiences dealing with Lawyers.

In 2012 I met Javier Varela, and everything has been so different, easy and smooth ever since, he is life saver.

He is super honest and direct, he is very knowledgeable about the history and legal procedures in the area.

I have never had a problem since I have had Javier as a lawyer, I totally trust him and recommend him.


Paola Tafoya

Having been through the disappointment of building a home in Tulum and trusting my advisers to build something of quality and being delivered one with sub standard finishes that deteriorated quickly, I was so glad to find Nestor who rectified all the issues with skill and innovation. I now have the beautiful home I thought I was going to get in the first place.


Martha Fan

I’ve worked with several builders in Tulum, but Nestor is my guy. His professionalism, honesty and integrity are bar none. He and his crew deliver quality builds and he is available 24/7 for your needs.  I will always recommend Nestor and his team for any project!

Keith Floyd

I have been working with My lawyer Javier Varela In Tulum for ten years and he has been one of the few who has made my time and my Corporation dealings so much easier. He’s an extremely honest man and a good friend


My wife and I retired and moved to Mexico 9 years ago from Texas. In 2016 we purchased a lot in Tulum to build a house on. We started out with a Canadian contractor who turned out to be dishonest. When the house was about 1/3 finished, the contractor abandoned us. That’s when we met Nestor. He took over and finished the house. He did a great job and his English made it easy for us to work together. Nestor is an honest family man you can trust to stay with you for the whole job. My wife and I think of him as family.

Jim and Sherry Russell

Jim and Sherry Russell