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Why you should obtain legal services in Tulum and a Quintana Roo Lawyer when buying property.

Are you considering buying a property in Tulum Mexico? If so it is advisable to seek advice from a Real Estate Lawyer/Abogado . Furthermore one who understands the regulations and laws in Quintana Roo. In addition legal services Tulum from a Lawyer and Notaria Tulum who can speak your language.

 Buying property is a big financial commitment. It is therefore advisable to seek advice of how to buy in Tulum from a qualified local lawyer. In Quintana Roo Buying laws for foreigners differ even from other parts of Mexico. Full understanding of these differences is important. You should gain this knowledge before committing to a purchase.

 A number of factors should be considered when buying in Tulum. Firstly how does the buying process work. In addition do you have a clear view of any potential pitfalls. What things therefore do you need to avoid. Furthermore what ownership structures are possible for Foreigners buying property in Tulum. In addition which of these will suit you. Thirdly what are the different land classifications. What impact therefore would this have on planning regulations. It is best to gain independent legal advice from a quality Lawyer in Tulum for these reasons.

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Why obtain independent legal advice in Quintana Roo:

  • Ensures your interests are protected when buying in Tulum
  • To gain benefit from having an Independent Lawyer in Tulum who therefore knows the area.
  • Having a clear understanding and clarity about the role of the Notaria Tulum.
  • Cost effective and quality Tulum legal services may save money in long term. 
  • Legal advice that suits your needs not another seller.   

Qualified and experienced Legal services Tulum

When buying property in Tulum it is important that every step of the way you are supported. This should be  by an experienced and qualified professional. Javier the legal adviser, we recommend, is a reliable, professional and expert Lawyer. In addition to his legal services in Tulum Javier can introduce you to quality local Tulum Notaria services.

Legal transactions in Mexico are signed in front of a Notary. This means a Notaria in Tulum is required. The Notary is however an independent body. The Notary ensures the transaction is legal. The Notary is not however working on your behalf.

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Appoint a quality Lawyer in Tulum

Independent and Local legal services and Notaria Tulum

 Real Estate Lawyers should work independently of other parties involved. Therefore never appoint a Lawyer recommended by the agent or seller. 

The Buildings Work affiliated Lawyer, Javier is totally independent. Like all the professionals linked to us, he is dedicated to providing a quality service to clients.

Javier will always ensure you receive the most cost effective and quality legal advice possible. Javiers role is to protect your interests and assets.

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 Notaria in Tulum

The Lawyer Javier lives in Tulum and therefore understands the local marketplace. Because of this he has also built strong links with a local Notary office and other professionals. Furthermore Javier has hands on experience of the Notaria Tulum abilities and practices. Paramount to ensuring the property transaction is properly recorded is an efficient Tulum Notaria. Property deed registration problems may occur if the paperwork is not presented accurately.

In Quintana Roo the property Land Registry can decline registering a deed. Accordingly they may reject paperwork if there are mistakes. It is even more important than elsewhere that the Tulum Notaria used is diligent.

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Your legal interests protected

Remove the risk of using poor professionals

In any profession there are good and indifferent service providers. This is also true of Lawyers and Notary offices. In Quintana Roo region the governing rules are not robust. This can encourage qualified professionals to deliver poor service at a high cost. If you don’t know the area, or fully understand the buying process you could be at risk. Therefore deciding who to appoint to protect your legal interests is a big decision. Use a tried and tested legal professional to ensure your safety.

What if you don’t know the right questions to ask

 There are differences in the buying process in Quintana Roo. It is therefore important to understand and consider these. Don’t assume it will be the same as buying in your own country. The danger of not knowing the right questions to ask, is how do you know you have got all the answers. The full information you need will be provided if you appoint the right Lawyer.

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Legal services Tulum, quality advice always given

 As your Lawyer in Tulum, Javier will not wait for you to ask the right questions. Instead Javier will ensure you know and understand all the stages in the process. Furthermore Javier will make sure you have a clear view of any potential pitfalls. Therefore from the outset you will be well informed and prepared.

Since you can request an initial no obligation consultation, there is nothing to lose by contacting us. The initial legal services are offered face to face, by phone, or email which ever suits you. The consultation will establish what your requirements will be. In addition what support is necessary. Furthermore before any paid work is undertaken, you will receive a breakdown of activity required. In addition know the cost of appointing a Lawyer to support you. This will include all the budgetary costs of disbursements and the Notary services.

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