Builder, Architecture Design and Legal Services in Tulum

Design project available to buy

Building a Home in Tulum

Appointing our builder in Tulum to construct your property will ensure you get the home of your Dreams.

You do not need to pay a higher price than necessary just because it is Tulum.

With the Tulum based builder you will not experience poor service levels, sub standard finishings or issues with communication. Your building project will be completed, weather allowing, on time and within budget unless you specify changes to your original requests

Create great spaces

Reforms and Refurbishments in Tulum, Mexico

Building your own home in Tulum is not possible or desired by everyone but updating or re-configuring a resale or an already owned home can transform your living surroundings and adapt the property to your lifestyle.

The Tulum based construction team specialise in transforming homes and outside spaces including landscaping and pools adapting the techniques to meet budgetary limitations and styles.

Lawyer providing legal advice

Legal Services in Tulum – Property Conveyancing

When transacting on a property  in Mexico it is advisable to seek advice and guidance from a Lawyer/Abogado who understands the regulations and laws in Quintana Roo and can speak your language.

Buying a property or land in any country is a big financial commitment so it is advisable to seek legal advice from a local qualified expert.

Leading edge fiscal support services

Accountancy services in Tulum

Whether buying for pleasure or investment in Tulum as a foreigner you will almost certainly need the support of a good accountant.

Whether you need an accountant in Tulum for just simple personal taxation advice, ensuring paperwork is accurate and documented for future Capital Gains mitigation, or you need business support for payroll, Company returns, invoicing and all business related fiscal matters, selecting the right support is crucial.

Off the shelf pre-designed projects

Design and Architect Services in Tulum

Finding a good Architect who can interpret your design ideas, has strong local connections and can balance design ideas with the practicalities of your budgetary requirements is essential when building a project in Tulum.

Local knowledge and links to the local Tulum Planning department will help the speed and efficiency of your build project, as will an Architect who can work in harmony with the builder and construction company.

The natural beauty of Tulum

Buying property in Quintana Roo, Mexico

In Quinatana Roo there is broadly 3 categories of land for either the building of your own home or an already built property.

The general classifications of land in Tulum are Urbana, Rustica and Ejido.

If you are considering something on Urbana land this means that the land comes under the control of the Municipality and its designated use is dictated by the urban plan.