Rodolfo was born in Campeche and studied in the University of Merida for his Degree and Masters in Accountancy.

Since graduating Rodolfo moved to Tulum to set up his Accountancy practice after recognising the need for more local fiscal offices to satisfy the growing local demand in Tulum for quality fiscal support for small and large businesses alike.

The offices in Tulum have been open for 9 years and now employs 15 people across two offices.

The services offered by his Offices has expanded from simple book keeping and tax returns to payroll support, inter-company negotiations and dispute resolution along with constitution of new companies and Immigration services for those wanting to start a business in the area. 

Married with two children he considers Tulum his home and has watched its growth over the last few years from a small Pueblo and Hotel Zone to the vibrant expanding lifestyle choice for many that Tulum has become.

Hobbies and Interests

Rodolfo ever expanding business and extending services along with long opening hours keeps him very occupied.  In his spare time he spends as much time as he can with his Family and his two young children.

When time and family commitments do allow Rodolfo loves to get down to the water and go fishing finding this a relaxing way to unwind.