Nestor is a local family man who has lived in Quintana Roo for most of his life. From a large close family of 13 a number of family members also work in the Business.

Nestor spent time in the US working and learning the building trade, the building standards and services expected and follows the ethics learnt on every project he undertakes.

Age 42 Nestor started his working life as a diving instructor and underwater photographer. It was during this period he learned and developed to a high standard his understanding of the English language and is fluent in Mayan Spanish and English.

His ability to speak Mayan has helped ensure he can access and employ local and skilled  craftsman and make sure they deliver a quality end product on time and in budget.

With a high level of focus on service his Tulum building company has grown in the last few years by way of recommendations and testimonials from the many customers he has built beautiful homes for.

Nestor views his clients as friends who deserve to have the best possible service and end product possible.

Over the years Nestor has developed a large and experienced team of workers and tradesman capable of building a variety of proiects both large and small.

With a strong in depth understanding of the Planning regulations in Tulum and his ability to work in harmony with other professionals he effectively project manages all his constructions to the highest standard.

 Hobbies and Interests

In his spare time Nestor is a big Soccer fan and used to play a bit but varied Water sports remain his first love.

Nestor also participates in local Politics he is socially minded and dedicated to improving the living standards for locals by encouragement of education, improved infastructures and the advancement of training to help keep the building skills from the Mayan Culture alive and vibrant.