Javier was born in Mexico City but moved to Tulum in 2009.

He graduated from Universidad Iberoamericano with a degree in Law and was established as Licenciado de Derecho in 2011.

Javier has over the years established strong and professional links with Lawyers specialising in all areas of Law like Litigation and Immigration but himself has focussed predominately on all aspects of Conveyance.

Because of his time in Tulum, his practical experiences as the area has grown and developed, he is up to date and knowledgable on the potential issues of buying land or property in Tulum along with a very in depth understanding of Ejido land and its complexities and planning and land usage restrictions in the area.

Focussed on delivering an informed and independent service to all his clients,  and with good spoken English, he is able to ensure his non Mexican clients buy with safety and security and have access to a quality and professional Notaria in Tulum .

Hobbies and Interests

Age 46 Javier is enjoys the single life and company of his friends, he has a wide network of social activities but in his down time enjoys fishing and all aspects of the natural environment that Tulum has to offer.

Environmentally and socially conscious Javier enjoys the culture aspects of his life in Tulum and the history surrounding the Yucatan peninsular.