Buying a plot to build in Tulum

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Understanding the process of buying a plot in Tulum

Many investors and buyers in Tulum look at the option of buying land and building in Tulum.

There are a number of reasons for this.

Firstly in terms of quality housing at present the market is limited.

Most of Tulums growth has been recent and focussed on condominiums and apartments.

With more and more Jungle land being segregated and sold for residential housing the option to do a self build in Tulum and Quintana Roo in general has grown.

When considering buying land in Tulum there are a number of factors a buyer should consider.

 What is the access to the plot. Difficult access and inability to move lorries and machinery to site for the build phase can increase build costs significantly.

What is the build density and limitations. Each plot in Tulum has a designated use under the urban plan. Will therefore the plot provide sufficient scope for the property you wish to build in Tulum.

Most residential plots whilst allowing for a range of density of build, do limit the plot to one structure. This means that any accommodation over and above the one house in Tulum may have to be integrated or appear to be connected to the main building.

Most new plots in Tulum from newly segregated land tend to be longer rand narrower rather square.

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What are your future requirements for the land

Consideration to what type of property you build, whether it will fit the shape, and its entrance needs to be ascertained. Corner plots for instance will provide more scope than ones in between two other plots.

Unlike similar areas in for instance the US in Quintana Roo there are no planning regulations around Hurricane and earthquake restrictions. More flexibility within density of build will be available. Densities do dictate however whether the Tulum property can be one storey or two and overall height.

Many new and upcoming areas of Tulum do not at present have access to Town Water. It would however be highly unusual, in fact impossible for a plot not to have a natural underground supply in this area of Quintana Roo. You do however need to ascertain where the supply is in relation to the house you wish build.

Access to electricity or the cost of running main electric to the property is also something to explore before buying.

Be sure you understand your needs and what is possible on the plot you want to buy.

Solar in theory is great but from a day to day practical point of view may not be ideal.

More and more people are using Solar panels but not batteries and connecting to CFE the electric company in Tulum.

The energy generated during the daytime is converted by an invertor.

You therefore download to the grid and then only pay for consumption above what you have yourself generated.

Whether this option is viable depends on location and access to the grid.

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Get good advice before committing to buy

Another important consideration when planning to build in Tulum is a soil test. The soil test establishes where you can build. Also what lies beneath the surface that could hinder and in crease costs of build.

This could include underground caverns and caves which litter the Quintana Roo and Tulum region. It is more costly to do a soil test before you have a project in mind. In this case a soil test will have to be all encompassing, testing large parts of the plot.

If you have a basic design in mind with help from our Tulum Architect you can establish where on the plot the property will be. This means the soil test can be more specific and cost less to undertake.

If you buy a plot within a new development some things you need to consider when buying a stand alone plot in Tulum wont apply.

Often main utilities or the equivalent are already in place. It may also include tests of the land to establish what lies beneath each plot.

This will give you more safety and security before you commit your own funds to the purchase. However the plots will cost more.

A good Tulum building company and experienced Tulum Architect can help you from the start. Assist your search to establish the purchase of the right plot. One that is in fitting with your desired end project.

Sourcing good real estate brokers, a quality builder and Architect in Tulum, helps ensure you don’t make a mistake when buying land.

Therefore appoint a team with knowledge of the area and the planning rules,

This ensures that what you want to build will be feasible and cost effective to construct in Tulum.