Builders in Tulum

How do I decide which builder to appoint when constructing in Quintana Roo

Appointing a builder to build your home in Quintana Roo is a big decision.

If you don’t know the area how do you decide who to appoint to construct your house or commercial venture in Tulum. Also  undertake a reform. In addition how do you differentiate between a good building company and a bad one.


Recommendation and personal advice is always helpful. Even with a personal recommendation you need to be careful. How long ago did they have the recommender have their Quintana Roo house built. Also are the workers still the same, are the owners still the same.

Many things can happen between when the recommended builders in Tulum built and now.


Price is of course a factor when making a decision on what Quintana Roo construction company to instruct. As a general rule of thumb cheapest is not always best. If you have a tight or defined budget you are better off requesting the best you can get for your money. This is better than just appointing a building company who quotes to your budget, immaterial of what you ask for.

Will the cheap quote mean you hit with hidden extras.  On top of this being provided with sub standard workmanship or sub standard materials. These factors can be the downfall of only being price driven. Bear this in mind when making the decision which builders in Tulum to appoint.

Abandoning the construction project one of the biggest issues in Quintana Roo

One of the most frequent issues and complaints you will hear in Mexico is that the constructor failed to finish the job. This can happen if the money runs out because they have misjudged the cost or time it will take. Unfortunately in Quintana Roo many project managers, builders and construction companies will just cut their losses and walk off site. Therefore leaving you out of pocket and without a completed project.

Worse still the workmanship done to date may not meet the standard you require. Or indeed even be safe. Putting right what a previous Tulum based builder did is costly. Far more than making the right choice at the right price in first instance.

What really counts when appointing a Tulum Builders

What really counts is the expertise of the constructor in terms of knowledge of what products can be used. I addition this how much they realistically cost. Someone who knows what cost effective alternatives are available. Also has links with local tradesman. Perhaps and most importantly wont walk away if things don’t go exactly to plan.

Nestor Quijada wants to help you achieve your dream Tulum home

To ensure you appoint the right Quintana Roo builders you need to trust and like the person who fronts that business. Natural initial instinct can play a big part in who is right for you. A building project will never go as smoothly as first anticipated. This is an unrealistic ambition. There will be issues. For instance  you may want to make changes. On top of this the weather may delay things, and sometimes mistakes will be made.

Its not about whether these things happen but about how they are dealt with.  How quickly they are resolved. Whether the builder can be flexible and adapt and work with you to achieve you dream property.

Personal interaction matters

Honesty and realism are important skills. Also how to communicate and listen to a client and their ideas and needs. Not all builders local or otherwise have these skills. Without them no matter how good they may be at building works you will almost certainly experience some problems.

Ability to work with other professionals like an Architect in Tulum. Also adapt as the build progresses to any necessary changes. Along with coming up with effective alternative solutions when an issue pops up. These factors are more important than whether they are the cheapest.

Cost effectiveness has to be measured by a number of factors. Therefore a cheap price for an unfinished poor quality construction is as useful as cheap insurance that never pays out.

Attention to detail is most important. Along with management of the quality of work that has been undertaken. Also a desire to deliver something special and taking pride in doing so. Does your builder in Tulum fill these requirements. Instead of just making money they are the key elements you should look for.

Who owns the construction company counts

A business that has grown and continues to grow without losing the personal touch is worth its weight in gold.

All the Building Works affiliated services are made up of individuals who have been selected. This is not just on price and qualifications. Also because the principals have a work ethic and service ethic. Therefore this means no matter what happens they will deliver and wont walk away. As important to all of them as making money is client satisfaction. They all desire to be proud of what they have delivered and how they have delivered it.